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    RD Fresh Supports Our Schools!

    VegieFresh Fundraising Materials

    We know how hard it is for schools to get the money they need to fund programs and materials that enrich the education of our youth. Many schools are forced to subsidize these programs through fundraising efforts. These fundraising programs can be difficult to organize and rarely yield worth while results. Not only that but most involve selling candy and other sweets that don't send our children the right message about healthy eating!

    Now you can raise money for your school by offering a 100% Green, 100% Sustainable, Zero Footprint product that actually promotes healthier eating habits! Provide a product that will truly save people money and earn serious money for your cause.

      • Promote healthy eating habits
      • Promote environmental awareness
      • Buyers save more than they donate and help save the environment

    Making Fundraising Simple!

    VegieFresh makes it simple to organize your next fundraiser by providing you with all the materials you need to get up and running. Everything from from announcement letters, brochures, incentive programs, explanation information to collection envelopes!

    Not only that, we provide you online tools to reach your audience through social media, email, and your website. Just login to track donations and payouts right from our website...It's that easy! Create your Fundraising Account Today!

    Schools Use RD Fresh to Save Money!

    Not only are schools using RD Fresh's Fundraising program to raise money, they are also using RD Fresh to save money and reduce food waste!

    Check out these testimonials from schools we currently work with!

    Love it, Love it, Love it! No more moisture or odor!

    Gail - Ocean Lakes H.S.

    No more odor and colder.

    Sally - Corporate Landing M.S.

    Much drier, I really like it!

    Linda - Kellam High School

    Running 2 to 4 degrees colder and no more odor.

    Richard - Salem M.S.

    Much drier, fruit lasting a lot longer!

    Kim - Brandon M.S.

    Much Drier, really like it!

    Angela - Kempsville M.S.

    Much drier. Fruits lasting longer!

    Paula - Kempsville M.S.

    Much drier, no more odor, everything lasting longer!

    Brenda - Green Run H.S.

    Drier and colder!

    Dee - Plaza M.S.

    Definitely drier!

    Debra - Princess Anne H.S.

    I love it! You were right, much colder and everything lasting a lot longer!

    Charlotte - Bayside M.S.

    Colder, drier. No more mold. Have not had to clean when and where I normally did before RD Fresh.

    Brenda - Larkspur M.S.

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